How to Choose a Pet Sitter – 8 Questions to Ask

You love your dog and want to take him out for a happy walk but you are not ready for the responsibility of keeping him safe while you are away. Choosing a pet sitter to come in and walk your dog when you are not there is something you might look into, but you also want to make sure he is happy while he is there and that he is not barking all day making you fully aware of his surroundings. While pet sitters can be a beneficial method to allowing your dog to exercise and get out in your yard, there are some things you need to think about before you let your dog out to play when you are away.

Ask the Sitter

When you are considering a pet sitter, you will need to ask yourself a few questions.  How is the sitter? Do they have a pleasant personality or are they strict and bookish? Who will be walking the dog? Will it be an independent sitter or do you need the animal to follow your directions in the event that you are away from home? Many pet sitters will talk to you on the phone and have you call them back at any time. This might actually be a bad thing! You want to be sure that you get a good decision and one that you can be comfortable with.

Not all pet sitters will be happy to take on the responsibility of walking your dog. Those that are qualified will vary from person-to-person. You might also want to ask about the date you will be leaving your dog, as this will affect which sitter will be paid. You might also want to ask about insurance and if they have arawling budget. There are several factors that you will need to consider when you are thinking about attaching your dog to a pet sitter.

Believe it or not, there are people out there who are just pet service providers who take your money and then re- advertised as a sitter. They are doing this because they do not have a passion or commitment for looking after your companion animals. Make sure you have sent in for a pet sitter that is truly excited about animals.

What Type of Sitter Will Be Best for Your Dog

While a passion in caring for the well-being of your dog is a wonderful ideal, you probably want a pet sitter who can provide the same type of care that you provide. . . one that will be there during the day to tend to your needs and then leave at 8pm. . . one that can also provide a lift-off in the evening.

You want someone who is educated and knowledgeable about pets.  A sitter who will return to your home for the evening to monitor your houseguests and then be aicrobial to tend to your needs.

. .you might also want someone to monitor your dog while you are away at work. The following issues are important ones to address with a pet sitter:

o          whether the pet sitter provides a lifting service

o          whether the sitter can return to your home in order to tend to your dog if you have to be out for a while

o          being sure that your dog will be walked and exercised while the sitter is away

o          any special needs like medication that needs to be filled immediately

o          clients in the past have been allergic to pet’s being exposed to chemicals like stink-ergensitive products

o          if the pet sitter provides a lifting service, can they return to your home in order to tend to their “clients”?

o          Should they drive a special vehicle to get to their destination?

o          If they provide a lifting service, will they come to your home to tend to your dog if necessary?

o          How long are they licensed and insured?

o          What would they charge for the service?

o          What backup do they have if they are unable to tend to your dog in your absence?

o          Do they have backing up for your dog that is beyond compare?

o          What are their policies regarding medically related emergency situations?

o          What type of certification do they have?

o          What walked your dog on what leash?

o          What prevented them from letting your dog out the door in what direction?

o          How much do they charge for the service?

o          What simultaneously do not work for them?  It could be something personal.

o          Do they agree to refill the account immediately?

o          Does the pet sitter provide references from their clients?

o          Does the sitter understand the references and how to communicate with them?

o          What would they do if you cannot be there during the day because something came up?

o          What do they do if you want them to watch your dog overnight?

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